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We are certified in offering ancient & time tested Yoga Therapy and the famous “Yoga Prescriptions” from Ghosh's Yoga College, the oldest yoga school in the world, where the 26/2 sequence originates.

We regularly study in the dynastic Ghosh lineage with Mrs. Muktamala Nee Ghosh, Grandaughter of the legendary Bishnu Ghosh, brother of the famous Paramahansa Yogananda author of “Autobiography of a Yogi” and founder of Ghosh's Yoga College, Calcutta India.


Customized Private Therapy Prescriptions include:

  • Acidity of Stomach/Heart Burn/Acidosis
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • Degenerative Disorders:
  • Osteoarthritis of Knees, Ankle, Shoulders, Fingers, Wrists
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Lumbar Spondylosis
  • Thoracic Spondylosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Depression
  • Gastritis
  • HBP/Hypertension
  • Hemiplegia
  • Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism
  • IBS
  • Meditation
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Migraine/Headaches
  • Obesity
  • Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)
  • Pregnancy
  • Tonsillitis
  • & More!!