60 Day Challenge

We are the "Home of the Original 60 Day Challenge!"

Give us 60 days, and we'll change your life. 60 days of yoga will give you a new body, a new mind and a new life! In each class, you will receive a total body workout designed to build strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. And during this incredible workout, the yoga will systematically stimulate and restore health to every muscle, joint and organ of the body. One thing is for certain: you will never be the same after completing the Challenge. You will look and feel better than you've felt in years! BE 26/2 TOUGH!

You now have the oppourtunity to change your body & life.

Many of us spend our lives looking for quick fixes and magic pills to alleviate pain, lose weight, sleep better and improve our overall health. We want to instantly undo what we've spent a lifetime doing to our bodies. And you can readily find quick fixes: surgeries, crash diets, pill and potions. But rarely do they work in the long run. The key to a healthier, happier life is within you.

You have the power to change your body and your life. But it's not an easy path. The right way is the HARD way. No doubt, the Challenge is tough. But everything in life worth doing is, isn't it? What better way to commit to a new, healthier you? Join us today. Change your life.

How it Works

The studio wide 60 Day Challenge begins on any day of the week. To complete the Challenge, you must take 7 classes a week for 60 days. If you miss a day, you can do a double (2 classes in a day) to make up the missed class. But try to minimize doubles as the idea behind the challenge is consecutive days of yoga.


If you travel, just Google the area to find a local Original Hot studio so that you can practice while you're gone.

Studio Support

We'll post a calendar for each Challenger at the studio so you can track your progress and encourage and support your fellow warriors! When you complete the Challenge, you'll get 1 Month of unlimited yoga your first time.

Class Packages

Autopay and 1 Year Unlimited packages are the least expensive ways to complete the Challenge. Sign up here or at the studio. Your Original Hot Yoga team will be here to support you (and your locked knee) every step of the way!

Oprah talks about the 60-Day Challenge

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Tips to keep your body full of energy during your Challenge!


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. 

Staying hydrated is the single most important way to prevent injury, exhaustion and pain while practicing yoga (particularly Original Hot which drains fluids like no other form of exercise). Make proper hydration a priority during your Challenge. It is suggested that ‘normal’ folks drink 64 ounces of water a day. You’re not normal. Original Hot students should double that amount and Challengers might want to add even more. And don’t forget about regular electrolyte replacement. Make that part of your daily routine. We recommend our fantastic and authentic Electrolytes, available at the studio. Take electrolytes 1/2 hour before class for best results.

Eat Well and Stick to Your Routine.

If you’ve been practicing awhile, you know that what you eat has an enormous impact on how you feel in the yoga room. Try to eat wholesome, nutritious foods and stay away from crash diets during the Challenge. No fasts or strict diets! Try to stay with your normal routine. You will probably find that your body will begin to crave healthier foods and by all means, listen to it! Give your body what it needs.


It's important to make time for rest during such a strenuous endeavor. Go to bed early! Get plenty of sleep and splurge on at least one restful massage a month during the Challenge. If you can make the time, sneak in a short nap here and there.