The classroom is a skillfully engineered practice space that includes barres for extra homework and advanced drills. You are surrounded with mirrors for your convenience to utilize to correct your alignment and scrutinize your form. Lines in the floor are also helpful to keep the muscles and skeleton where they need to be for maximum benefits from the class.

You can be absolutely certain that class, the practice room, heat, air filtration/sanitation systems and all of our knowledgeable instructors meet the highest of quality standards and all of the rigorous, high caliber requirements necessary to simultaneously be an "Original Hot Yoga Association" Certified, "Ghosh's Yoga College Certified", & "Bikram Yoga College" Certified Yoga School.

Our unparalleled state-of-the-art heating system consistently achieves the Authentic Original Hot Yoga practice temperature that plays a key role in imparting the legendary healing miracles from practicing The Original Hot Yoga. It intentionally imitates the climate of India where the yoga was discovered.

We have a good reason for our choice in flooring. In a yoga studio that does not offer the Authentic Original Hot Yoga and Proper Temperature (you should be soaking wet) they can get away with vinyl flooring because there is not much sweating going on.

We have attended some Authentic Original Hot Yoga Studios who have attempted this and the result was giant hazardous trails/pools of other peoples sweat traveling all over the room that you get to slip, fall, and slosh through with your bare feet after each class. Yikes!

Our specialized flooring prevents this and the little contact you have with the floor is isolated only to your footprint. Not only is there is minimum contact with the flooring, this way there is also zero contact with other peoples sweat! The specialized mats utilized during  class also prevent any sweat leakage.  This system has worked for over 2 decades and is absolutely sanitary. The floor dries very quickly and is manufactured for wet conditions. There is a high powered air & surface sanitizer engaged throughout the entire experience, the aforesaid along with regular maintenance make it super clean, efficient and effective.


How is the Mold, Mildew, MOISTURE Repelling YOGA ROOM Flooring maintained?

  1. A professional sanitizing machine is utilized regularly completely saturating the flooring with sanitizing solution. After treating the flooring with the solution, the machine then removes all the leftover solution and any soil.  
  2. Old Carpet flooring is Removed and Replaced Regularly with brand New Carpet.  We have utilized this floor refreshening method since we opened in 2005 & always will. 
  3. This is outdoor carpet for use on boats and patios.  It has NO PAD underneath & is virtually non-existent, only about a 1/16 of an inch thick. It is glued directly to concrete floor below and receives constant vacuuming and maintenance.
  4. OZONE* is used daily to completely sanitize the entire studio.  Ozone is proven to kill COVID-19.
    For over 19 years, we have sanitized the air and surfaces with Ozone after classes, maintained hand sanitizing/disinfecting stations throughout the school, along with routine deep cleaning with EPA-Certified Disinfectants.  Click here to read more about OZONE.
  5. We utilize a HUGE fan to freshen up the room with outside air between classes.
  6. Sweat is your friend! Contrary to popular belief, sweat is actually sterile, and it is mostly salt, like the ocean! Sweat is antibacterial!

* ARTICLE"Does ozone sterilization kill the Coronavirus which causes COVID-19?" 


  1. Now, we have increased our safety and cleaning protocols even further. We have added NASA and FDA Certified medical devices that sanitize the air and surfaces (virus, bacteria, spores, mold, germs) while the yoga room is occupied and are safe for use in hospital Neonatal and Baby Rooms.
  2. There is now an additional 4th layer of viral, bacterial, germ, mold, spore, sanitation occurring in the air, while you are present, that "sanitizes within 3 feet of a 100 mile an hour sneeze".
  3. The Lobby and Changing Rooms also utilize powerful purification devices that sanitize (virus, bacteria, germs, mold, spores) the air every 5-15 minutes.
  4. We have added No-Touch Towel, Recycle, Trash Bins throughout studio.
  5. Students use leak proof mats for every workout.


Between back to back classes, you may notice that it seems stuffy, and doesn't seem as fresh as the first class of the morning or evening. This is just due to a bunch of hard working Yogis from the previous classes sweating hard! Rest assured the room clears out that stagnant air and brings in fresh air and is constantly sanitized as the second class goes on.