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5 CLASS VACATIONER (2 Wk. Expiration)
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15 CLASS PACKAGE (6 Mo. Expiration)
30 CLASS PACKAGE (1 Year Expiration)
60 CLASS PACKAGE (1.5 Year Expiration)
Unlimited Packages          NOIATTENDANCE LIMIT
$185/mo.3x/Wk $15.42 Ea. Per Day $5.78
$465/$155 mo. 3x/Wk $11.92 Ea. Per Day $5.10
$855/$142.50 mo. 3x/Wk $10.96 Ea. Per Day $4.69
1 YEAR UNLIMITED (Payment Plan Available)
$1525/$127 mo. 3x/Wk $9.77 Ea. Per Day $4.17
AUTO-PAY UNLIMITED (6 Month Min. Commitment, Mo. to Mo. Thereafter, Sign-Up Below)
$129/mo 3x/Wk $10.75 Ea. Per Day $4.03
PRIVATE SESSIONS (Yoga/Prescription/Meditation is Donation)
($25 Each Additional Yogi/3 Max.)
$100 per hour
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 1.  Yoga Cure - Digital (by BC Ghosh) - $22 *Published 1961. Text includes instructions to cure 40 diseases using 32 Asanas, Mudras & Pranayams.  This is the only direct instruction we have from BC Ghosh, the founder of Ghosh's College of Physical Education and the teacher of Buddha Bose, Gouri Shankar Mukerji, P.S. Das & Bikram Choudhury.  It is believed that this is where the famous 26/2 sequnce was derived.

2.  Muscle Control - Digital (by BC Ghosh) - $22 *Published 1930. Book includes photos & instructions for specific muscle engagements.
3.  Personal Finance Book from Ghosh's Yoga College - Digital (by S. Mitra) - $10
*Guide to Improve Fianancial Health During Uncertain Times!


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  • 1 Time, 1 Month Extension (Excludes Unlimited Packages & 5 Class Packages)
  • 10% OFF Early Renew
  • 10% Off massages at "Elemental Compass"!  Align your yoga practice with Traverse City's finest massage therpists right across the street!
  • 10% OFF Juices & Smoothies @ “Edson Farms”
  • 10% OFF Anything @ “Press On Juice”
  • 10% OFF On Your Birthday!
  • 15% OFF Full Time College Students & Veterans
  • 20% Every Float @ Solitude Spa Downtown
  • FREE PASSES for Friends & Family
  • REFERRAL PROGRAM - Vouchers @ Studio
  • SCAN TAGS for Check-In
  • Hardship Grants Available for Eligible Yogis
1 Year Unlimited / Auto-pay / 60 Class Card
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  • 10% OFF Online & In-Store Boutique Items Over $10 Every Day!
  • 20% OFF Online & In-Store Boutique Items 1st Week of Package Purchase!
  • 25% OFF Mats, Water Bottles, & Wet Bags 1st Week of Package Purchase!
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  • Expiration dates are prorated for annual closings.
  • Discounts Exclude 10/$25, Drop-In, 5 Class, Auto-Pay.
  • No Combining Discounts.
  • Insurance Accepted.
Post-Covid Return Testimonials

Having spent 51 weeks away from Original Hot Yoga during the first year of COVID, I was nervous about returning to the heat. I had been practicing at home with some heat, but it certainly was not the same as being in the studio.  My first class back, March 8, 2021, was like a rebirth! The comfort of the studio, the healing powers of the heat, and the camaraderie of my longtime friends were all welcoming gifts after so long away. My practice returned right away and has since evolved even more. I consider Original Hot Yoga an integral part of my whole health. —Niki Westrick

When I returned to OHYTC after the pandemic lockdown (which was also the longest break I've ever taken from the hot room in over 10 years), I wasn't sure how it would feel to get back to practice and the hot room. Not only did I feel remarkably better immediately, I was amazed at how quickly my muscle memory kicked in. After a few weeks I was able to practice like I had before my hiatus. —Raquel Furman