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I truly believe that it helped to prolong my career and kept me from getting serious injuries.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles Lakers

What the Locals are Saying

My quality of life has been enhanced beyond measure by this practice. The integrity of the mind body connection is fostered with this sequence; it will meet you where you are at, and you will quickly see what lifestyle choices are advantageous or detrimental when you are on your mat in the hot room! It’s the next best thing to a “user manual” for your body. I have brought my loved ones to this class because I want them to experience this quality and clarity throughout their lives. I couldn’t imagine my life or my family’s life without it. Thank you for being here.

Melissa Makowski, DDS, FAGD

I’ve been practicing Original Hot Yoga since 2012. Before then, I weighed 220 lbs., had high cholesterol and triglycerides, and liver enzymes were significantly elevated. I was skeptical of the hot room and high humidity despite my wife’s reassurances, and whether I was a “yoga” type person. After consistent 2-4 practices per week, I have reduced my weight to 190 lbs., and my labs are now normal. Yoga, mental health practices, and a healthy diet have helped me to feeling better than what I felt in my 20s and 30s. As a psychologist, my yoga reinforces the important stress management techniques I teach in work. I believe in Original Hot Yoga as a critical part of my overall healthcare needs. I fully support this practice for anyone seeking a natural path for improving their health and well-being.

Michael Lucido, PhD, LP, MSCP, BCN

It’s the single best thing I’ve done to improve my fitness in the last 20 years.

Milan Baic, Top 5 World Ranked, Master Cross Country Skier

I lost 85 lbs. in 5 months, I also love how energized and alive I feel after class.

Emily Bancroft

Original Hot Yoga has rid me of remaining pain from a car accident in which I broke both legs, and had several surgeries. Also, no more seasonal allergies.

Lisa Bowerman

Original Hot Yoga continues to keep my bone density normal. It has also fixed my high blood pressure, enabling me to get off my medication!

Pam Chmielewski

When I returned to OHYTC after the pandemic lockdown (which was also the longest break I've ever taken from the hot room in over ten years), I wasn't sure how it would feel to get back to practice and the hot room. Not only did I feel remarkably better immediately, I was amazed at how quickly my muscle memory kicked in. After a few weeks I was able to practice like I had before my hiatus.

Raquel Furman

I have been back at the studio for over a year now since they reopened and realize how much I missed practicing when they were closed for the Covid shut down. That was the longest I had gone without this yoga in 12 years. Coming back I knew how soon my body and mind would acclimate to the practice and I realized this yoga was something I needed and craved.

Jim Tenbusch

The way I feel about Hot Yoga is hard to describe because it’s always changing. Since my return to the studio last year, I have been doing more hot yoga than ever before The more I go, the more I am compelled to go. I go for different reasons everyday. Sometimes I want to go, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I need to go and sometimes I go just because I feel like I should. I go when I need a break. I go when I need physical work. I go when I need to escape myself. I go when I need to face myself. This class is for you, by you with amazing teachers to guide you.

It’s always hard. And almost always in a good way. It is thee hardest physical thing I do…and that’s saying a lot.

I love the discipline of the students and the teachers. There is an excellence about Brandon and Amy that every student can attest to. It is reflected in their staff and in the caliber of those who practice there. I love this place and all of the people that make it what it is. I am grateful to be part of it.

Lauri Brockmiller

Having spent 51 weeks away from Original Hot Yoga during the first year of COVID, I was nervous about returning to the heat. I had been practicing at home with some heat, but it certainly was not the same as being in the studio.

My first class back, March 8, 2021, was like a rebirth! The comfort of the studio, the healing powers of the heat, and the camaraderie of my longtime friends were all welcoming gifts after so long away. My practice returned right away and has since evolved even more. I consider Original Hot Yoga an integral part of my whole health.

Niki Westrick

I started Original Hot Yoga for the second time in September 2020; after several years away, a major car accident, a brain injury and becoming diabetic I was anxious to get back to practicing.

The car accident left me with a torn shoulder, dislocated rib and SI joint disfunction. I suffered back spasms consistently and was regularly prescribed muscle relaxers. The brain injury and accident in close succession made my life stagnant. I had high blood pressure, became overweight and diabetic. My diabetes progressed quickly and when I was put on insulin, I was told it was for life. If I didn’t get control, I was looking at further medical complications and a short life span. When I walked into the studio, I was determined for change. After 3 months practicing, my A1C dropped several points, my back spasms grew further apart and I found I could concentrate with little effort again. After 6 months, my A1C was back into normal range and I was no longer living in pain; I felt alive again. I no longer had to be on insulin, muscle relaxers or blood pressure medication. One year later and I am still determined; my A1C is in a normal range and while my SI joint still “acts up” its no longer debilitating. Yoga helped me face many physical, emotional and mental challenges and helped me understand my limitations today might not be the same tomorrow. Every class is challenging and every class I grow with those challenges. The Instructors are motivating, informative and encouraging and make every class enjoyable. I can’t imagine my life without it or them.

Donna Burnham