Interested in applying to be an apprentice and instructor at The Original Hot Yoga? Drop us a line below. Please tell us your Story, OHY Teaching Goals, and Aspirations.

Original Hot Yoga Teachers must meet unique high quality standards and qualifications in order to be knowledgeable enough to teach the 26/2. Teachers at OHYTC undergo very specific, rigorous, high caliber, specialty Teacher Training's and post training apprenticeship to be able to teach the sequence safely, seriously, intelligently, and effectively.

Training's that we accept graduates from are all themselves further certified by the stringent quality control standards of the International Original Hot Yoga Association. This helps preserve the teachings in their pure form and to prevent incorrect teaching of the postures (& loss of benefits) by persons who have not been adequately trained. It is very important as it is common to find generic 26/2 hot yoga teacher trainings.