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Our Story

We are the First and Only Hot Yoga School in Northern MI, we are The Source!  When we opened 19 years ago, there were hardly any yoga classes available in the area, and there weren't any hot classes of any kind being offered, let alone The Original!   26/2 TOUGH!

We are also the sole "Original Hot Yoga Association" Certified, "Ghosh's Yoga College" Certified, & "Bikram Yoga College" Certified School in Northern MI.

OHYTC is 100% Locally Owned, Family Operated, & an Independent small business. We do not divert any funds to any franchising organization or individuals!

We opened our school in 2005 and have specialized in teaching pure, unadulterated Original Hot Yoga ever since. We are passionate about, and committed to, The Authentic Original Hot Yoga practice.

Original Hot Yoga Traverse City is not only operated by the local owners and teachers, but they also practice there. For over 26 years, more half of his life, the founder of this school has been regularaly practicing & teaching Hatha Yoga & Meditation while studying with his Kriya Yoga Guru, and Hatha Yoga teachers regularly.

After spending time as a monk in a Yoga Ashram, he later married a yogini, and then they had a beautiful son. His meditation lineage is the Dynastic Kriya Yoga Lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya and regular Kriya Meditation (Tapas) began in 1998. 

His wife was initiated into the Dynastic Kriya Yoga Lineage in 2012, their family has kept regular company with their preceptor, Shibendu Lahiri, Great Grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya, and has been traveling the world with him for over 2 decades. He also holds a Black Belt in Kobiashi Shorin Ryu Karate, and Reiki Master Initiations. 

Per his Guru's advice, he has kept Meditation/Study a priority over Hatha Yoga, while still maintating a intense Hatha Yoga Practice/Study. Hatha Yoga practice without the Inner Journey results in becoming a "Hathi", (one who has a staunch and stubborn personality and is also asleep in the mind).  As Bishnu Ghosh always said: "My brother (Paramahansa Yogananda) is doing the REAL Yoga!"

The energy compelling all of this is perhaps an inner expansiveness to serve the world as family and ceaselessly contribute to making it a heavenly place for all.  Like any healthy family, the members want mental/physical health, wellness, wisdom, and wealth, of the highest degree for each other.  The founder has given his lifetime to search the world with the purpose of discovering the highest, most effective healing tools and secret ancient wisdom.  He traveled repeatedly to the far East to study with the source of Kriya Yoga & studies with the source of Bikram Yoga (Ghosh's Yoga).

Our mission is to serve our community by revealing an ancient, and profound way of harmonious daily living which is unfortunately no longer the norm.

Although our main focus is the 26/2 sequence, additionally, we illuminate the entire gambit of yoga in all of it aspects for each student who is interested in more, in easy to understand terms. This includes: Hatha Yoga (Physical Fitness), Pranayama (Controlled Breathing Techniques), Healthy Eating, and Meditation (Real Enlightenment). One's Natural State of Freedom and Peace naturally follows, through adherence to this simple living and embarking on the inner journey. We also wish to preserve the integrity of the Original 26/2 sequence for generations to come and we want to reach anyone who wishes to restore youth, find lasting peace, live longer, and feel better!

It is absolutely satisfying to share the energy for almost 2 decades, and the couple are incredibly grateful to be caretakers of this school.

The Missus began her 10 year massage therapy career in 2004 after Graduating from the "Michigan School of Myomassology" and has worked primarily with chiropractors and professional athletes focusing on medical and rehabilitation massage therapy.

After attending her first Original Hot Yoga class in 2007 she immediately knew she’d be practicing this yoga for the rest of her life.

The founder began teaching Hatha Yoga (Physical Fitness) early in 2000 and certifications from Bikram's Yoga College of India followed as early as 2002 for him, and hers in 2012 prior to their meeting. 

Additionally, they both hold the distinction of belonging to the Dynastic Hatha Yoga Lineage of Bishnu Ghosh (Elder brother of Paramahansa Yogananda) via continuous study with his Granddaughter Muktamala Mitra nee Ghosh and several Certifications from "Ghosh's Yoga College" - Calcutta, India. Consequently, they are certified in offering Yoga Therapy and The Original Ghosh "Yoga Prescriptions" in the dynastic tradition.

"Ghosh's Yoga College" is the oldest yoga school in the world, and is where this yoga originates.  (See Yoga Cure booklet by BC Ghosh)

For Decades they have attended and hosted countless seminars/workshops, offer apprenticeship for aspiring teachers, and continuously study and practice with the World's preeminent Hatha Yoga Teachers and Champions including: Muktamala Mitra nee Ghosh, Dr. Das, Bikram Choudury, Rajashree Choudury, Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis, Tony Sanchez, Jimmy Barkan, Craig Villani, Esak Garcia, Kim Tang, Jim Kallet, Lynn Whitlow, Joseph Enicina, Alisa Mathews, Jason Win (RIP), and more.  They hosted the 2017 Asana Championships in Grand Rapids, MI. He has also continued teaching Mary Jarvises Shape Shifting since 2013 at her request.

We love to meet new people and not only teach them about yoga and meditation, but become life long friends too! We are all like family, and we want you to become part of our Yoga Community! Rest assured that at The Original Hot Yoga TC you are receiving the highest quality instruction available with over 20 years experience. So, come on in, lose your fears, transform your body, liberate, and get overwhelmed with the LOVE!